Dog Behavior Consultations

  In general, the consultation is done at the client’s home as the dog’s behavior problems are likely to be observed. Also dogs are less stressed in familiar environment.

These are considered to be behavior problems:


Chasing (e.g. bikes, dogs, people)

Anxious Behavior (e.g. noise phobias, separation anxiety)


Toilet training

Pica (e.g. eating feces, tissue paper etc.)


For the clients who live far away from Kyoto

The clients who live far away from Kyoto, Japan, don’t worry!  The consultations are also offered via e-mail or Skype. 

To discuss any concerns about your dog’s behavior or to arrange for a consultation, please contact us.



1st session/ $130

Normally, the session is 60-90 minutes.

Your dog's behavior modification program is included.

About me


Erina Sato


Erina Sato is qualified Companion Animal Behaviorist. She holds B.Sc in Ecology Evolution and Behavior at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities (USA) and also a diploma in Companion Animal and Behaviour and Training, DipCABT (UK).  Her books are published in Japan, Taiwan and Korea.